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Cardinal's Foundation for Distance Learning, CAFDIL, aims at using technology to provide equal access to education for children, teens, and adults living in rural and deprived communities in Ghana in order to develop a country with no obvious or permanent educational disadvantage because of poverty, distance from educational facilities or underdevelopment. CAFDIL is to help bring out the best in people living in rural communities for their development, economic growth, and participation in national life.

The Cardinal’s vision for CAFDIL is informed by two main factors. Firstly, the manifest but regrettable gap in the quality and standard of education between urban and rural youth in Ghana, with the latter as the most disadvantaged. Secondly, the general lack of knowledge and education in the rural communities. The CAFDIL project is currently located in the Central Region of Ghana. However, the ultimate goal is to replicate it in other regions of Ghana and West Africa through the use of repeaters /satellite. Read more